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Who we are

It started out as a personal project; select the technology we would install in our dream home.

My partner had already created a Pinterest board full of ideas on how the kitchen would look, the couch we’d buy for the lounge room and nearly every other facet of the house.

She missed one important part though, the most important part (she says it’s debatable), the technology aspect of our home.

With so much technology out there where do we start? So I jumped online and did my research, but from a different point of view – I didn’t just look at what smart light was the “best” I went onto forums and found out what people were using the technology for.

Real life uses that would actually provide some benefit to us, as opposed to just some gimmick we’d show all our friends that came over.

Looking online I couldn’t find a site that answered my questions without trying to get me to buy a product I’d never heard of. So I decided to collate and share all the information I gathered, which I then post right here on Smart and Practical.

The only true goal of this site is to give helpful information, so that you and others can make a more informed decision on if a product will work for you, because even an average marketing campaign can make even the most useless product seem valuable.

We’re always keen to help out, so if there’s a topic or something you think we’ve missed please get in contact through social media or by email us below.

Any questions or feedback? Feel free to get in touch with us.