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Make your life easier by installing lights that automatically turn on when you walk into the room.
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Easy to install and use

Smart Light Bulbs

When you want control over individual bulbs in a room, or to set the mood by changing the colour, bulbs are the ideal lighting solution.
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It's all about the bulb

Easy to install

If you can change a light bulb can install a smart one.

While smart light switches might require a trained electrician to install, smart bulbs can be done by anyone
Easy to install, like replacing a regular light bulb
Doesn't require an electrician

Granular Control

Smart bulbs give you full control over individual lights.
When you have a large room and only need a select few lights on
Some bulbs can even change colour

Mood Lighting

Whether entertaining friends, movie night or preparing for bed - smart lights let you set the perfect mood.
Bright changing colours for a karaoke night
Have your lights slowly dim when date night starts