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Smart lights are a fantastic addition to any home, though the drawbacks might stop some from investing in them. Which makes sense, given some drawbacks can’t be overlooked while others might not be a big-deal, like the cost.

If you’re new or not sure about what smart lighting is, we recommend heading over to our complete smart lighting guide or heading to our smart lighting guide section.

Best Smart Lights 2021

Best Smart Light Bulbs in 2021

Smart lighting gives you more control and interactivity. Installing smart light bulbs is a dynamic way to transform the ambience of your home, save energy and conveniently adjust your lights via your smartphone or voice-activated assistant.

Smart Lighting

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Smart Lights


Smartening the lights in your home will add extra convenience, security and features such as:

  1. Automate your lights turning on when someone walks in the room
  2. Control lights with a voice commands
  3. Create mood lighting by dimming the lights and change their tone / colour
  4. Check if you left any lights on, and even turn them on/off remotely with an app on your phone


While features vary between makes and models, here’s some of the features you should look out for. 

  • Connects directly to your WiFi or through a hub
  • Change the colour (millions to choose from)
  • Change the tone (warmer orange to cooler blue)
  • Adjust the brightness (from blinding – to – barely on)
  • Optional features such as in-built motion sensors


What do you do once you’ve installed your smart lights? Here’s a few practical uses.

  1. Control your lights via voice, app on your phone or setup a schedule
  2. Group lights for added control over how a room is lit up
  3. Added security with holiday mode, lights that turn on to make it seem like someone is home
  4. Create a scene by dimming the lights and changing the colour to set the mood   

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