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Written by Maygen Jacques on February 22, 2022

5 Best Alexa Controlled Smart Lights for 2022

More and more people are searching for the best Alexa controlled smart lights. As such, the smart home accessories ecosystem that is Alexa compatible keeps growing. People are searching for the best smart light bulbs for Alexa so they can control their lighting with their voice, including turning them on and off, adjusting colours and brightness.

There are so many different options available and we’re here to help you decide which will work best you. We’ve come up with a list of the 5 best Alexa controlled smart lights for different needs. Note, all the models we mention here are fully compatible with all Alexa devices like the Echo, Echo Dot and Show.

Without further ado, let’s dive into what we recommend as the 5 best Alexa controlled smart lights for 2022.

Kasa Smart Wifi Bulb (White)

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Check it out on Amazon.

We’re starting the list with the best Alexa compatible smart bulb for beginners. The Kasa Smart Wifi Bulb is an easy-to-use bulb that you can control remotely.

All you need to do is screw the bulb into your socket, download the Kasa app, connect the bulb to wifi and that’s it. No hub required. You can control it either via the app or using your voice through Alexa. (Not that we’re discussing Google Assistant here, but this is also compatible).

Turn the bulbs on and off, dim or brighten them, create schedules or scenes.

The bulb offers 800 lumens, which is the same as a 60-watt bulb. 

Kasa themselves are a well-known and established brand that doesn’t cost the earth. Though we only recommend using these bulbs where you need one or two, it’s not ideal for your entire house as you’ll need something a little more sophisticated.

Kasa Smart Wifi Bulb Benefits

  • No hub needed
  • Adjust the dimness and brightness
  • Budget-friendly
  • Compatible with major home assistant brands
  • Intuitive for users, right out of the box

Kasa Smart Wifi Bulb Downsides

  • 800 lumens isn’t intensely bright
  • Only offers white

Check out the TP-Link Kasa Smart Switch, here.

Philips Hue 1600 Lumen Bulb (White)

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Check it out on Amazon

Here’s what we meant by more sophisticated.

Philips Hue bulbs are industry-leading and are a fantastic investment if you’re making your home smarter.

Philips Hue bulbs landed on the market back in 2012 and have maintained their status as the best you can get.

The range of Philips Hue lighting products is vast, but we wanted to focus specifically on the 1600 lumen as, we think, it’s the best device for building your own ecosystem at home. For a reasonable price (though not as cheap as the Kasa), you can put this bulb almost anywhere. Use your voice through Alexa to choose from thousands of white shades.

The catch is that you do need to purchase a separate hub if you want to control the bulb using the dedicated app. But you can then control up to ten lights in a single room (or up to 80 lights in your entire house) using either Alexa or Bluetooth. Using either, you can create and activate the pre-loaded light scenes or create your own, dim or brighten your lights or turn them on/off.

1600 lumens mean you can really light the place up in a big way. It’s the level of brightness you’d want for cooking, applying makeup or shaving; those tasks that need that extra brightness.

Philips Hue 1600 Lumen Bulb Benefits

  • Connect up to 10 lights in one room or 80 in the whole house
  • A well-known and established brand
  • Extra bright light

Philips Hue 1600 Lumen Bulb Downsides

  • Only offers shades of white 
  • Does require separate purchase of a hub

We think you’ll benefit from reading our article covering the Philips Hue smart bulbs in more detail, here.

Maxonar LED Light Strips (Multi-coloured)

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Check it out on Amazon

We’re moving to a different kind of Alex controlled smart light here with a strip light. Stick these just about anywhere for some subtle mood lighting.

As you’ll experience with smart light bulbs, smart strip lights also have their own massive range to choose from. Maxonar is a brand that has really great reviews for being budget-friendly, easy to install and simple to control with Alexa.

This LED strip light can be used outdoors as they’re weather-proof (IP65 raging) but we wouldn’t recommend pushing your luck too much. We advise that somewhere sheltered like a porch or shed might be the best place. The lights come with an adhesive tape, but this may not stay sticky if it’s constantly getting wet. Otherwise, they’ll light up an office, child or teen’s room perfectly.

One benefit is the energy-efficiency of these LED lights. You can stick them almost anywhere with a smooth surface. Additionally what’s useful is that you can cut the strip to size. 

Control the strip and pick from a whopping 16 million colour combinations using either Alexa or the app.

(Note, if using Alexa, you’ll need to enable the Smart Life Alexa skill).

Maxonar LED Light Strips Benefits

  • Easy to install
  • Almost unlimited colour combinations 
  • Light up anywhere with a smooth service
  • Suitable for use outdoors

Maxonar LED Light Strips Downsides

  • If using outdoors, the adhesive tape may lose stick quickly if used somewhere perpetually wet

Sengled Smart Light Bulb

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Check it out on Amazon

If you liked the idea of almost unlimited colour combinations, the Sengled Smart Light Bulb offers the same 16 million colour combinations. 

Fill any room (or your entire house) with colour that matches the mood, any time! When switched on, the bulb remembers the last colour used and defaults to that so if you like a certain candlelight colour in your dining room, you’ll never have to change it (unless you want to).

Another benefit is that this smart light bulb doesn’t require a hub as it will connect directly to your wifi, meaning you can control it either via Alexa or the Sengled Home app (available for both Android or iPhone). You can set up routines, schedule lights and even create scenes.

The LED bulb itself is a standard A19 size and can likely replace most of the bulbs you currently have. Though it’s best used for things like fixtures and lamps as it only offers 800 lumens.

Sengled Smart Light Bulb Benefits

  • No hub needed
  • Almost unlimited colour combinations
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Automatically uses the last colour

Sengled Smart Light Bulb Downsides

  • 800 lumens may not be bright enough for a room

Lifx Mini LED Light Bulb

51SUWk7eEcL. AC SX679

Check it out on Amazon

Next on our list of the 5 best Alexa controlled smart lights for 2021 is a bulb perfect for a desk lamp for those of us working from home. Add some colour into your working environment.

This mini bulb is perfect for a table lamp, offering 800 lumens in place of a standard 60-watt bulb. It has the same 16m colour combinations we’ve seen on the others on this list and this means you can match whatever you want; your decor or your mood!

As it has built-in wifi capabilities, there’s no need to buy a separate hub. Connect the bulb to your network, download the app (another app that is compatible with either Android or iPhone) and you’re done.

Control the lights themselves either using the app or your voice through your Alexa devices.

Dim or brighten lights, turn them off or on, change colour and control either individual or groups of lights. More advanced options include picking from themes or creating your own bespoke timer and scenes.

This mini LED light bulb is intuitive to install.

Lifx Mini LED Light Bulb Benefits

  • No hub needed
  • Millions of colour options including shades of white
  • Dimmable
  • Best for desk lamps and home office spaces

Lifx Mini LED Light Bulb Downsides

  • Doesn’t work with a dimmer switch

Ring Smart LED bulb StarterKit

419n2lTYbBL. SX522

Check it out on Amazon

 Our final recommendation is geared towards securing your home.

Ring is an established smart home security system known for easy installation. However, the brand also offers a range of smart lighting solutions to complement their security devices. The Ring Smart LED bulb StarterKit is a budget-friendly A19 replacement offering 80 lumens.

Although it does work with Alexa, it also requires a Ring Bridge if you want to have notifications, create schedules and turn the lights on/off remotely.

The best thing about this bulb is how it can be grouped with other Ring lighting to create a “Ring of security”. If you put them in (covered) outdoor positions surrounding your house, you can monitor everywhere from your driveway to your back garden and light everything up in the process.

Ring Smart LED bulb Benefits

  • Trusted brand
  • Works with other Ring products
  • Cost-accessible for those on a budget

Ring Smart LED bulb Downsides

  • Additional purchase of a hub is required
  • No colour options - only white


We hope this list of the 5 best Alexa controlled smart lights for 2022 has helped you get an idea of what is possible around your home. 

We’ve included options to light up your whole house, to just one room or even just your desk. We’ve covered a range of budgets, but we don’t think anything here is overly-expensive.

Make sure when looking around you know which options are hubless and which require an additional hub purchase so you can use your new lighting around your home. Again, we’ve pointed this out for you in our recommendations.

Are Smart light bulbs worth your time and money? Here are 5 things you should know.

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John K
John K
2 years ago

Philips hue is great but it’s costly when compared to other light options.

Rob Green
Reply to  John K
1 year ago

Couldn't agree more, they are very well made and haven't had any issues with the ones I've installed for over 2 years. You'd certainly need to look at other options to fit out your whole home, or be willing to spend a lot.

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