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Written by Richard Oldale on January 11, 2021

Ilumi Smart Bulbs

Unlike other smart lighting options, Ilumi smart bulbs do not require an internet connection or hub to work. They connect through a smartphone and Bluetooth only. Plus, a life span of 20 years beats any other smart light bulbs on the market. 

Ilumi Smart Bulb Options

  • Ilumi A19 Colour LED Smart Light Bulb
  • Indoor BR30 Colour LED Smart Light Bulb
  • Outdoor BR30 Colour LED Smart Light Bulb
  • LED Smartstrip Starter Kit 

Compatible Hubs

No hub required and works with IFTTT

What’s In The Box?

  • 1 x colour-changing LED smart bulb
  • Quick Start Guide 

Setup Instructions

Ilumi lighting has a very easy setup option. All you need to do is:

  • screw in the light bulb
  • power on the light
  • download the ilumi app from iOS or Android app store
  • create an ilumi account
  • your smartphone/tablet will automatically detect ilumi light bulb

Follow the tutorial about various features and options to play around with. You can connect up to 50 ilumi smart bulbs and arrange them by groups in the app. The bulbs communicate among themselves within a 50 ft range. For most people that will be all the way across your house. 

You can make each one to be of a different colour, but synchronised too. There’s a festival of lighting options and you can set up preset scenes such as a winter wonderland, fireworks, candlelight; even haunted house, whaaaooo.

From the colour wheel, you can pick any colour of the rainbow, as well as luminosity. An additional party option is “music synch.” This setting will make your ilumi smart bulbs pulse to the beat of your music. You can set the brightness, saturation and save your favourite colours and schedule.  

Ilumi LED light bulbs are plastic but the body is made of metal which gives a nice weight to it and makes the bulbs more durable. 

ILumi LED Light Bulbs

A19 Colour: Indoor use only

Brightness: 800+ Lumen, 

Energy: 1-10w, 

Dimensions: 2.5” x 4.5” 

Price: $45.00

Indoor BR30 Colour: Indoor use only

Brightness: 1100+ lumens, 

Energy: 1-15w, 

Dimensions: 3.7” x 5”

Price: $39.99

Outdoor BR30: Indoor and outdoor use

Brightness: 1100+ lumens, 

Energy: 1-15w, 

Dimensions: 3.7”-5”

Price: $29.99 

Ilumi Smartstrip: indoor and outdoor use

Started kit: 6.6 ft of light-strip, 6 ft power cord, 24V/1A power supply, 110/230V 50/60Hz

Brightness: 1500 lumens

Price: $89.99

Smartstrip Extension 3.3 ft, 800 lumens per meter (power supply only available in Starter Kit). 

All ilumi smart light bulbs have 20-year life expectancy, 2000K to 8000K in white plus millions of colours and are dimmable (via app not with dimmer switch).

Ilumi comes with a 2-year limited manufacturer’s warranty and if for any reason you are unhappy with the products, you are eligible for a full refund within 45 days of the date received.

ILumi Bulbs with Built-in Features

  • A World of Colour and Whites 
  • Detect Your Presence
  • Wellness Lighting
  • Light Your Routine
  • Vacation Security
  • Music’s New Bet Friend


Ilumi smart bulbs are a little bit more expensive than the average smart lighting options but they are arguably worth their value. No additional hardware or a WiFi connection is always a bonus in the smart lighting world. 

The ilimi app is easy to use and has plenty of options to play around with. And with a 20-year life span, you won’t have to replace your bulb very often. Ilumi smart bulbs beat the majority of competitors on the current market. Well worthy of an investment. 

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