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Written by Richard Oldale on January 25, 2021

WeMo Wi-Fi Smart Light Switches

Wemo WiFi Smart Light Switches can be remotely controllable from anywhere in the world direct from your smartphone. They’re also compatible with voice assistants so you can turn your lights on and off with voice commands and operate over your WiFi connection. 

What all this adds up to is a cost-effective and robust smart lighting system. And that’s not the only good news. Wemo smart lights don’t need a hub which dramatically lowers the price to get started with your home’s smart lighting. 

Wemo smart light dimmer switches are available in the UK from eBay or directly from the Belkin Wemo website. So remember to add post and packaging costs on top of the displayed price. You should be looking to pay around £50 - £60 in total. 

31lM+qi 1nL. SL250
WeMo Smart Light Switch 2ND Gen
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  • Google Assistant
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Apple HomeKit 
  • SmartThings
  • Nest

Design and Installation

Wemo Wi-Fi Smart Light Switches do not look like a typical light switch. The sleek white plastic faceplate sports a snazzy vertically elongated groove with a touch button at the bottom which glows when the switch is in operation. The switches are beautiful in their simplicity. 

Thanks to the three-way circuity, Wemo Wi-Fi Smart Light Switches are also fairly easy to install. They don’t require any screws for starters. All wires are coloured and connect with their respective coloured wires. Genius! Just clip-on faceplate but make sure you have a neutral wire.

Here’s a useful video. We recommend you watch it before you get started. 


There are no limits on the number of Wemo devices you can control. Once you’ve installed the Wemo app you can operate all your smart devices plus the brightness of your dimmer settings.  


  • Turn on/off using the app or the switch
  • Create a set of rules on/off at a certain time 
  • Schedule scenes (on at sunset/ off at sunrise)
  • Vacation Mode 
  • Voice-controlled with Alexa and Google Assistant voice assistants. 
  • Works with IFTTT
  • Works with Wemo Motion (a Wi-Fi motion sensor) 
  • No hub: Control your home remotely with Wemo app 


The Belkin Wemo WiFi Smart Light Switches make it easy to control your home lighting from anywhere using your home Wi-Fi network and a mobile device. The Vacation Mode is a nice touch as well. Your lights will turn on and off automatically whilst your in a bar sipping cocktails.

At first glance, Wemo light switches are a smart product you may want to consider. They look great, install easily and have a host of worthwhile feeatures.

However, once you dig into customer reviews, the mixed reactions indicate, that investing in Wemo WiFi smart light switches is not a plain sailing decision. 

Patchy WiFi’s can hinder the responsiveness of smart lighting solutions, of course, and without a hub, the Wemo WiFi Smart Light Switches can lose their dimmer effect, get stuck in a loop and have security issues. Wemo devices are not individually password protected! The alarm bells just went off…

Whilst Wemo WiFi smart light switches are an affordable price and an eye-catching design, there are better options on the market. Check out our other smart light switch reviews in the smart lighting section.

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